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 Sprite art submission

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PostSubject: Sprite art submission   Sprite art submission Icon_minitimeSun May 04, 2008 11:07 pm

You are able to submit your sprites to me to be used in the game! Here is how they must be:

Within a region of 32x64 (hopefully in the middle)
they must look EXACTLY like this if they are to be included: Sprite art submission Moz-screenshot Sprite art submission Aqua32x64sprites
The color black, must NOT be true black. Make sure that it is very close to true black, but not true black.
You must have True black in the background.
The sprites MUST be pokemon related. duh.

Things we definitely need right now:

Custom people (real pokemon NPCs, just custom made)

Please submit them in their own thread.
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Sprite art submission
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