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 Guide to setting the game up

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PostSubject: Guide to setting the game up   Sat May 24, 2008 10:26 am

Pokemon Rivals Setup Guide


I. Download
II. Configuration
III. Basic Commands
IV. Help

I. To begin with this game, please download the client via the portal page and also the Library Files underneath it. The Library Files are required for play. When you have fully downloaded the game client, make a new folder and extract the files into that folder. Then, download the Library Files and run the file. The file is called libraryfiles-1. This puts all the files that are included (and needed) into System32 on your computer, where they need to be. If you don't follow this step, Runtime error 339 will occur.

II. In order to connect to the game server, you must first find the IP address. The IP address is located in the announcements/news section of our forum. Find that IP address and copy it. Open up the game client and, while on the main menu, select Config. Put in the IP address that you copied and make sure that it is correct. The port number should be port 4000. If the server is online, it should say so on the main menu. If it is not, I will do my best to get it back online in time.

III. The basic commands for the game are:
[center]Arrow keys: Walk around
Shift: Hold while walking to run
Ctrl: Attack using this button
Enter: Pick up items, read signs, and interact with this button
/help: gives a list of text commands

IV. You can ask a Mapper, GM, or any other administrator for help in the game. You also have access to the forums with helpful people waiting to answer your questions. The GMs and Moderators will be glad to answer any questions.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully this will make your gaming experience easier.

If you are interested in becoming a mapper, leave me a private message.

-All credit for this tutorial goes to Typhlix-
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Guide to setting the game up
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