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 Wow, time flies.

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PostSubject: Wow, time flies.   Sat Jul 03, 2010 4:40 pm

One day, a child had the bright idea to grab his fellows from PE2K forums and create a pokemon game. He succeeded and watched it grow. Eventually, the game engine had a problem that was impossible to fix to this meek little child with an idea. So he stopped.

This is the sad story of my childhood. Pokemon is a nostalgic device for me and I intend to satisfy my desire for this game Very Happy

Yes, I am a man now. And with that, I have my own responsibilities. But, as of the third of July, I have recently discovered that this game has real potential and can live. Sure it's made with a generally outdated engine, but it's already well off.

I am beginning my work on this game again, without much help at all. Only the party who had first began this journey can develop this game the right way.

There we are, you have heard me. I might as well remove that download link because it is long out-dated and has expired unfortunately. I am working on this game now, even if I have a few other priorities.

For instance, join me in Wurm online. It's a good game I devote my time to. End of my speech.

Hope I didn't cause anyone's suicides from not being able to play this game. For real dawg. *End Transmission*

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Wow, time flies.
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